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Victoria Palermo Coving



Vicky Palermo invites the viewer to dive into pools of color and light. Her current work incorporates the effect of light through colored translucency in multiple forms at various scales.


Victoria Palermo stacked greens

Combining materials of colored transparency with various media, Palermo makes architectonic compositions that imply studied determination one moment and happy coincidence the next. Free-standing constructions depend on the viewer’s participation to complete the work—walking around the object leads to an elastic perception about its form and composition.




Victoria Palermo Nail Polish on Paper

Her recent wall series—Tsugas—relates to the view outside a summer studio where water, seen beyond a stand of hemlock trees, reflects a myriad of colors from the surrounding landscape.




Victoria Palermo art installation at Albany International airport Click here to read her essay Considering Plasticity which appeared in the online magazine, Numéro Cinq.


Don’t forget to visit the Mass MoCa site to see the bus stand she designed for them. For the page with her bus stand, please click here.






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