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About Our Building

About Our Building

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Dreams for the Future.

Eric Unkauf

The Man With A Plan

Kind Of...

Eric is the man behind the Shirt Factory.
He is the one coming up with ideas and directing everyone. Things don’t always work out the way he plans (for more on that read about what we’re doing now), but that never stops him from making more plans. The support he receives from others helps make things work and keeps him going.

Eric is assisted by his wife and kids. If you’ve ever been at a Thursday Market during set up or take down, you’ve probably seen a few of the kids running around helping. 

Many of Eric’s plans come to fruition thanks to the building maintenance staff who take his ideas and make them a reality, while helping maintain and preserve the building. Without them, much of what we do would not be possible!

Perhaps most importantly though, Eric is always reaching out to our neighbors and others in our community. The end goal is to help make, not just our building, but our town the best it can be.

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While we're often the last to know about upcoming studio openings, calling to ask because you heard someone is leaving won't give you an advantage. Current tenants and folks on our waiting list get first dibs on open studios, more often than not, spaces are filled without being offered to the public. To get on the waiting list, click the button below to fill out our application, then sit back and wait for an email.

We receive a lot of calls asking for our rent rates. Rates vary depending on the floor and size of the studio, and currently we are revising all rates in response to the rising costs of everything, which show no sign of slowing down.

When filling out the application, please be sure to enter a minimum/maximum square footage and/or a rent range that works for your budget. Our goal is to match people to spaces they can afford with enough room for them to enjoy being there. We don't want to waste your time showing you a studio you cannot afford or with too much or too little space for you.

Not sure about Square Footage? Try measuring the length and width of a room in you home (multiply them to get the square footage) to help you visualize it. Or, if you know what you would want to have in there, map it out with the dimensions of items you would have to help you figure out how much space you need to have it all and move around.

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Check out some of our event posts to keep up with the latest news, and see what we've been up to!

20 plus years

Celebrating 20+ Years

Losing Track of Time It’s easy to lose track of time, it happens every day. Lately as I think of the passing time,  I find myself focusing on those people and things that remain constant.  Maybe it’s the feeling that we spent a ...

Working on the Farm

A Day On The Farm McMullen Style Just got this McMullen Dress ad today. This ad is 74 years old, which means these dresses would have been made right here at The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls. I always get a chuckle out of these old ...

More Than Just a Tea Shop

More Than Just a Tea Shop More than a teashop with over 200 varieties of loose leaf teas, SensibiliTeas also has a great selection of small batch specialty food items including hot sauces, jerky, meat sticks, pickles, jams, spices and more. To ...
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