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Eastside Gallery

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Bill McCarthy’s Eastside Gallery

From mugs, bowls, and plates to ornate vases and complex sculptural pieces, you’ll find a diverse range of ceramic artwork at Bill McCarthy’s Eastside Pottery. The detailed craftsmanship and the original design on each piece make them unique and highly sought after by pottery lovers and collectors. With one look, it’s easy to tell that Bill is a skilled artisan. He has mastered the art of hand-building, throwing, and carving to create stunning and unique pieces. Each item reflects not only his talent but his years of experience, teaching, and love for the art. 

The adjoining gallery is home to Tom Myott’s work, is a stark contrast yet a perfect compliment. Tom’s sketches and paintings display a similar dedication to his craft. He beautifully captures people, places and moments in time with his bold strokes and vivid colors.

Visiting Bill McCarthy’s Eastside Pottery offers not just a shopping experience, but an opportunity to witness art come to life. Each pottery piece, painting, and sketch tells a story and radiates an incredible passion for art. Both men create pieces that captivate their audiences, leaving them in awe of their creativity, skill, and dedication.

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