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Adirondack Balsam

Our Christmas tree farm is located at the base of the Adirondack Mountains. The Balsam trees are the soul of our farm. Not only do we grow them to celebrate the holiday season, but we also utilize them year-round for our diverse range of fragrant, balsam-based products. The brisk and aromatic balsam fir is lovingly integrated into our pillows, sachets, and door draft stoppers.

During the holiday season, on weekends we offer a festive array of live Christmas trees, wreaths, and traditional kissing balls in the Shirt Factory courtyard. All are freshly harvested, bringing the lively, spicy fragrance of Adirondack balsam right into your home. Your Christmas celebration will have a truly magical and earthy essence with our products around.

For those who appreciate the sweet scent of balsam but may not wish to have a live tree, we have got you covered. Our balsam scented candles and wax melts are all hand poured and ready to provide a fresh forest fragrance, filling your living space with a comforting and soothing aroma.

Visit our studio and let the pleasant aroma of our balsam products wrap you up. To accommodate your schedule, our studio operates on an appointment basis. Contact us to arrange your meeting today, and let the inviting, green, and tangy scent of our Adirondack Balsam range take you on a refreshing forest escape.

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