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I’ve always been involved in “creating” with and exploring various mediums. Art has always been important to me since I was a child. Pen and ink became my path of expression for many years. I did illustrations for the library and various publications. Now, I am a painter. This came about when I took oil painting lessons from Joan Reid. Through her guidance and mentoring, I developed my unique style and discovered my creative spirit. My art explores paint and other materials, starting with an original thought but often influenced by nature, texture, color, and other media, materials, and tools.

For instance, I like the idea of a landscape, but the shapes, colors, and effects are what I see in my mind, my experiences, and how I wish to apply paint and other materials to the canvas.

I also like the idea of pure abstract painting. Often, my art develops from a blank canvas, a new color, a found material, a new tool, or an experiment. When I paint, I become immersed in the act of painting and creativity. It seems almost spiritual. I allow this spirit to fulfill my life’s
dream, help me to believe in what I do, and translate that spirit onto my canvas. I know that this is my passion for the rest of my life!

In my “other” life, I live in Glens Falls, N.Y., with my husband, Richard. I recently retired from Crandall Public Library Children’s Dept. after 29 years of service to children and families.

I share studio space at the Shirt Factory with Joan Reid and Ronnie Benware. My work is shown in area galleries, juried art shows, at my Studio 311 in the Shirt Factory, and personal collections around the area. 

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