Discover the Shirt Factory

The Newest Shirt Factory Tenants

  • The newest shop on the 1rst floor is The Yarn Angel at 101B. Yarn Angel was previously  located on Ridge Street, we are very excited to have them at the building now!
  • Discover an eclectic collection of one-of-a-kind furniture, décor, and accessories at Mabel and Johnny on the second floor in studio 208C.
  • Sharon Hack has opened Hodge Podge in 118F, next to Ira Grin and Designs by Jacquiline Simone.
  • Find Ron Lauzon at Century Gallery  in Studio 217, offering antiquarian prints from the 19th century.
  • PJN Photography has moved to Studio 220, making room for K Fanciullo Photography to open at Studio 201C.
  • Michael Neffke is making some amazing pieces from reclaimed wood and metal at Michael Neffke Designs in G07.
  • Schedule your appointment today with Cloud Nine at their new location, Studio 101A, part of the former Adirondack Quilts shop.
  • Vivienne’s Marquette has moved from Studio G10 to 111, check it out, Melissa has worked with Michael Neffke to create an amazing space to show off her merchandise!

At the Shirt Factory this week

This video was created for The Shirt Factory by Maxim VanScoy of the Ravacon Collective in Studio G14.