Have you ventured to the second floor lately? If not you’re missing out, there’s a new shop above the tea shop. Vanessa Proulx’s been part of the building for awhile now, when she decided to change locations this spring, she changed Everything about her studio too! You’ll still find Vanessa and Fletcher Conlin’s, work, but now it’s mixed in with some great finds from other makers on Etsy!

Wimsy perfectly captures the bright, fun atmosphere of this etsy boutique!

If you ask our five year old (and really why wouldn’t you, he is an expert on all things!), the best thing in the shop are the Mermicorn’s!  If you have no idea what a Mermicorn is, don’t feel bad, neither did we before our son proudly showed up with one in hand. They’re super cute though, totally original and way more interesting after you read the great origin story each comes with!

Find Wimsy open in Studio 220 on Friday and Saturday afternoons. If you can’t wait, browse the shop offerings on their Facebook page, don’t forget to show them some love and like their page while you’re there!

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