Wild Flower Beads

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Meet Sue Lecuyer, the creative genius behind Wild Flower Beads.  Working with tiny seed beads, very fine needles and strong nylon thread, Sue has been perfecting her art, one bead at a time.

During Open House you’ll find Sue and her beautiful beadwork in the first floor hallway.

Curious about how she got started in beadwork? Read on…

It all started back in the mid 80’s when she stumbled upon a bead shop in Santa Barbara, CA. Having long been fascinated by beadwork jewelry, she purchased a book and supplies, returned to her hotel and made her first pair of beadwork earrings. There was no going back after that! Sue brought her beads on the road with her as she attended music festivals,  showing off  her work, meeting other beaders, learning new techniques/patterns, and sharing her knowledge.

If you visited Saratoga Beads before they closed in 2013, you may have met Sue, she helped the owner, Linda Schrade, for ten years. Since the bead shop closed you’ll find Sue and her traveling bead shop at festivals. Sometimes she only offers her beadwork for sale, but when the opportunity arises, she holds workshop to share her knowledge and passion with adults and children.


Over the years Sue has experimented with many different techniques and patterns, exploring the possibilities. Currently she is taking her beadwork as far as she can with her  favorite new inspiration, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, by Kate McKinnon.