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Make A Day of It

Want even more local flavor? When we’re not at The Shirt Factory, we’re enjoying ourselves in the community that has made The Shirt Factory possible. We put together a few Pinterest board to help you explore some of our favorite places in the area. Click on a board to view our recommendations laid out on a map. Click on a pin to learn more about a location and view their website.

Did we miss some place? Let us know so we can share it and help everyone else discover how amazing this area is!

Grab a Bite!

With so  many mouth watering eateries in this area, it’s hard to know where to start when making a recommendation! Here are a few of our favorite local establishments, maybe you’ll find one or two new places to try.

The Art Scene

The Shirt Factory is very involved in the local art scene, here are a few of our favorites places to visit. Many we work with regularly, others who we admire, all are places we  think you’ll be interested in visiting.

Have Fun

We live in a beautiful area that has long inspired people, but there’s more to see and do than you know. Whether you’re looking to spend time outdoors or indoor activities, there are many hidden treasures and special places to explore! Here are a few of our favorite activities and places to go.