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Shop Local

You’re among friends here!

The Shirt Factory features a variety of locally owned and operated shops, each as colorful and unique as the people who created them!

These special places are owned by your friends and neighbors you know and trust! At each you’ll find a commitment to the community that is missing at big box stores. Shop owners quickly become friends who share your concerns about the environment, being health conscious and so much more, and as friends, they don’t mind when you ask silly questions or do joyous dance when you find the perfect item (they may even join you).

But the best part is that the items in each shop are handpicked just for you! The owners listen to what you like and continually look for new ways to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face. From finding the perfect necklace to introducing a new style salt lamp, they’re always thinking about you!

Come discover the difference when you shop with friends!