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Because Local Matters!

Did you know that:

  • on average locally owned independent businesses donate 200-250% more to local charities and non-profits than corporations? Non-profits are an essential organizations that improve the quality of life for everyone in our community, as well as creating jobs.
  • local independent businesses help keep your taxes lower? By locating in central locations, like the Shirt Factory, these businesses create less of a demand on roads, sewers, and safety services. In addition, they usually generate more tax revenue per sale dollar than their counterparts.
  • local independent businesses often become meeting grounds? Here people gain a sense of belonging, a feeling of being connected. These connections unite people in times of crisis and emergency.
  • local independent businesses help promote the vitality of the local economy? For each dollar you spend at a local business generally between 53-68% stays local, versus 33-43% at a chain. Studies indicate that shopping at a farmers market or food co-op instead of a supermarket means twice as much for the local economy.
  • local independent businesses are invested in the community? The owners live and work where you do, they understand your concerns and what the community needs, they keep important decisions local!

The men and women who keep our local businesses going are our hero’s!

Check out the links to the right to see everything happening at the Shirt Factory on Saturday, September 26 for the fourth annual LocalFest!