Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2017-11-10T09:29:16-05:00

This is a big building with a lot of people and different things going on. Below we address some of the most common questions we receive about the building in general. For questions about individual studios/people, please contact us, if we don’t know the answer we’ll put you in touch with someone who does!


Where did this idea come form?2017-10-20T12:16:02-04:00

This is the most common question we hear. The truth…there was no plan, at least not for anything like this, it just kind of…happened.

The plan had been to move/expand the machine shop here and rent the rest out to other industrial businesses. But before this plan got very far, artist started asking to rent space here. Those artists were passionate people, they came into a run down building that others saw a s creepy, and saw beauty and possibility. With this vision they became the driving force behind the buildings early transformation. Without them the building would never have become the space it is today!

One of the things the building is best known for, the Holiday Open Houses, were started by those early tenants as a way to raise money for a collaborative gallery here. Like many things here, this didn’t work as planned, but the event has become a special part of the holiday season every year that all look forward to, we hope we will see you here this year!

Most of those early comers who helped shape the building have since moved on, but we keep moving forward with the work they started, improving the space little by little,  giving folks new reasons to come back all year long.

Where did you get the historic items in the halls?2017-11-10T10:03:02-05:00

It all started with the original factory closing. When they closed their doors in 1996, they left a lot of things behind, including the sewing tables and benches that are now displayed in the hall. Being a pack rat, the owner saved them with no clear idea as to what he might do with them. Fast forward a few years, the Chapman museum offered to loan us the panels they had prepared for an exhibit they did on the original factory in 2002, based in part on a book by Thomas K. Simpson.

In putting the panels up, we began thinking of what else we could do, we began bringing out the machines and benches, had cases built to display the “Made In Glens Falls” dresses and shirts we purchased over the years, and talked to a photographer about reproducing some of the original ads we’ve found over the years.

We have more of the garments and advertising in our collection and try to change things occasionally.

If you have items you think we might be interested in, feel free to bring them in, we’re happy to take a look! We’re rarely at the office, but can usually be found in our shop, Made In Upstate NY, Studio 101B.

What is The Shirt Factory?2017-10-20T16:01:33-04:00

The Shirt Factory is many things.


…a historic factory that played an important role in the community

…artists work spaces.

…indie shops offering a wide range of items.

…professionals who love and care about the community we’re part of and give back in many small ways.

…teachers sharing their knowledge and passion with others.

…galleries that bring work in a wide range of mediums from all over the globe to our town.

…a mini museum preserving it’s own history and touching those whose families proudly worked here way back when.


I love it here, how do I get my own space?2018-07-29T09:17:45-04:00

Applications are accepted continuously. Even if we don’t have an opening right now, you never know what may happen tomorrow! Get us your application now and we’ll be in touch once something opens up.

Find the application here.

Studios range in size from 150 sq ft to 1,600 sq ft, it helps us to know how much space you need! Not sure how much space you need, try measuring your living room/bedroom to help you get an idea of the sizes.

This is an old building, soundproofing is very minimal, for this reason we generally do not rent to musicians and only offer studios for fitness classes on the Garden Level.

When is the building open?2017-10-18T15:35:54-04:00

A simple question that, unfortunately, lacks a simple answer.

The building is open daily from 8am-5pm. You are welcome to walk around and view displays in the halls during this time, but not all studios will be open.

For the best experience we recommend visiting Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 12pm and 5pm, during these hours all of the studios on the first floor will be open, as well as several studios on the other floors as well.

If you would like to visit a specific studio, please check their description in the directory to find their availability and contact information.

Is the building handicap accessible/stroller friendly?2017-11-10T12:13:53-05:00

The entire first floor of the building is handicap accessible/stroller friendly. Park in the loading dock parking lot (the parking lot accessible from Lawrence Street) for the handicap ramp. There are two handicap accessible restrooms on this floor and a baby change table is available in the restroom across from Dickinson’s Delights.

There is a freight elevator at the building, but it is not intended for use as passenger elevator. We continue to explore various options for a passenger elevator, at this time though it is not in our budget.

Check out our tips and suggestions for more useful tidbits to help you get the most out of your visit to the building!

Love this place! Can I take pictures/film a video here?2017-10-18T15:36:17-04:00

Awww, thanks, we think it’s pretty great too!

With the exception of special events, you’re welcome to stroll through between 8am and 5pm and take casual pictures of things you find during you travels. If you’re taking pictures of people here you don’t know, or any of the tenants work, please ask first.

If you’re interested in taking more formal pictures or filming a video here, please send us a message with details about what you’re planning and where on the property you’d like to work. We will try our best to accommodate you, but preference is given those with a studio here. Please do not make plans to use our property without contacting us at least two weeks prior and receiving written permission to do so, if we find you doing so, you may be asked to leave the premises immediately.

For the sake of safety, certain areas may not be used. We may also require that you obtain insurance prior to using the property.


Can I rent space for an event?2017-10-18T15:37:10-04:00


The Shirt Factory Gallery is a beautiful space that is available for events, provided the anticipated number of guests will not exceed the maximum capacity and it will not be disruptive to the businesses surrounding the gallery.

If you would like to discuss this further, please send us a message below with the details of your event, and we’ll be in touch soon!