• Dr. Ferguson’s Office Restoration Blog #2  11.7.17 By Darren Tracey

The excitement of a new project has quickly faded and what remains is hard work.  It’s always that way.

As I take a lunch break from cleaning out the interior and write this blog, the first snow of the season is falling on Glens Falls, reminding me of the long winter ahead that we all know too well.  It is time to pick up the pace and make a push to button up the building before the white stuff piles up.

Since the last update, the following progress has been made:

  • The roof condition was assessed.  Not good.  There is a big hole in the middle of the roof which has been funneling water to the interior.  The original flat seam metal roof had evidently developed leaks and was covered by an asphalt roof which also developed leaks.
  • I decided to install a temporary roof on top of the existing roof.  Even though the middle of the roof was deteriorated badly, I was able to install new plates around the perimeter, then installed new rafters on top of the plates.  I framed this in about 6 hours by myself.  I would rather swing a hammer than a pencil and sad will be the day when I am only able to swing pencils.  I know that day is coming (which relates to my theory about why people like old structures, but I digress and will save that story for another day).

Aluminum picks on top of the old roof

New 2×10 framing on top of the existing roof

Tarp neatly installed on new temporary roof framing

5 culvert st bricks and mason sand delivered

Bricks and Mason Sand Delivered

5 culvert st dragging the fridge out on an aluminum pick

Dragging the fridge out on an aluminum pick