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Creativity, Inspiration, Imagination

Trudi Smith at work in her studio

From the beginning artists have been drawn to The Shirt Factory. The large windows flood studios with natural light, creating an ideal environment for making & displaying art!

There are several galleries here showcasing a wide range of work from talented artists. Visit a gallery or two, then wander the halls, you may be lucky enough to watch an artist at work too!

When an artists leaves their door open it’s an invitation to explore their studio, ask questions, or just stop by to say hi!

If you find a closed door with strange noises spilling out that peak your curiosity, please resist the temptation to explore further. A few artists prefer to keep their studios a private work space, most will gladly get back to you when they’re not working if you leave a message.

Hoping to visit/speak with a particular artist?  Check their listing below for availability and contact information. If a studio has not provided contact information, management will gladly relay a message on your behalf.