The Shirt Factory of today is an on-going evolution. This transformation did not happen over night, it has been a gradual change that many people have contributed to over the years. Thanks to the commitment and vision of the owner, various tenants (especially the early tenants who put much of their heart and soul into this building) and others, this old factory has slowly come to life again and continues to play a role in the local community.
The process began in 1996 when the current owner visited the property for an auction and fell in love. He began preserving the building, which had been abandoned, while working with his lawyer to purchase the property, a process that took 3 years to complete. Once space was advertised, local artisans began contacting the owner, attracted by the natural light and inexpensive rent. The building was divided up piecemeal according the demands of tenants, the resulting maze can be equally frustrating and exciting as you wander the halls, discovering new things as you go. Early tenants requested large open spaces, a few of these large studios remain at the building, but for the most part the recent demand has been for smaller spaces.
Today the building features 77 unique studios, home to more than 100 different individuals. With so many people in one location, the building offers a wide range of opportunities for visitors!