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Who is that Masked Man?

Why that’s the owner of the Shirt Factory, Eric Unkauf, of course!

Eric guides things here, although not many see him here, he’s always on the go. This is just one of his business interests, you usually do not see more than a flash of color as he quickly passes through the building.

Eric’s not always around, but he’s not absent either. His wife helps him with a variety of tasks around the property, and one or both can usually be found at their shop, Made In Upstate NY, often accompanied by one or more of their kids.

Much like parents trying to carve out time for family, they try to focus on the shop when there, reserving time before and after the shops hours to tend to the building itself and the various people in the studios, but appreciate that this arrangement also allows them to quickly respond to emergencies too. Sometimes it can be a difficult balancing act, but luckily they also have a good group of guys who help handle the building maintenance.

The Goal

The goal here is two fold.

First, to preserve. To preserve the beauty of this old building. Whenever possible we repair and preserve. The building was well constructed and has so many beautiful and interesting aspects, there is much joy in sharing all of this with others. Funds are limited though, progress can be much slower than we would like at times.

Second, to be relevant. The original factory was important part of the community. It was more than a place to work, people were proud of their contributions and collectively donated to causes, played on sports teams, and more, people cared about the factory. The aim today is to provide the community with reasons to care about this space again, through community events, classes, benefits, and more.

The mix of people here is part of what makes this building such an interesting place, but if we are not part of the community around us, no one will discover the people who populate this building!