2017 Shirt Factory Open House

A local holiday tradition

Long before all of the shop local talk started, folks have been shopping local at our Open Houses because they know they’ll find unique  handmade gifts. As the building has grown and evolved, so has the Open House, but it’s still the easiest, most enjoyable way to shop local for the holidays (and the rest of the year too). If you’ve never been, the Open Houses are a magical time! We have open studios on all four floors, and guest vendors from the community set up in the hall!

It started way back when most still found the building more than a little scary to walk through. Back then many of the artists here wanted to create a cooperative gallery to offer their work to the public while still allowing them to work in their studios, but no one had the money to fund this venture. They talked it over, then came to the owner with an idea. They worked it out to hold their first open house, renting space in the halls to guest vendors, with the understanding that the owner would allow them to keep the funds to help get started with their cooperative gallery.

surprise in the Salt shop

The gallery never came to be, but the open houses were so popular they have continued every year since! Everyone here loves Open House, we think you will too!

While you’re here, don’t miss out on the chance to get even more bang for your buck with the Shoppers Advantage. Save up your receipts, at the end of the day head to the third floor where all of your receipts will be added up, for every $25 spent in the building that day, you get a raffle ticket for a gift bag of items and gift certificates from around the building!

To help get you in the mood, between now and then we’ll share a little about the various vendors and studios that you’ll find here during Open House!

See you soon!